Ross Matthews is a Zimbabwean-born adventurer who currently calls Devon, in the South West of the United Kingdom home, but can be found regularly operating all across the world.

Always motivated to explore, he began early and had already made his way around Europe, Southern Africa and most of the USA by the time he finished his teens. Now Ross continues to travel to all corners of the earth, where his enthusiasm for seeking out new adventure leads to experiences that most can only dream of.

In 2015 Ross completed the world’s first ever winter whitewater raft of the Markarfljotsgljufur Canyon in Iceland and he was also one half of the first two people to ever ride e-fat bikes up a live volcano in 2016. More recently he has returned from dirt biking across South East Asia and living with indigenous tribes in the Amazon Rainforest.

His passion for adventure is matched only by his passion for photography, allowing him to capture incredible images of these expeditions as they occur. He has a reputation for being able to ride or drive just about anything, and is yet to find a scenario where he cannot get himself and a camera into the midst of - whether it be on land, sea, underwater or even high in the sky using the latest Canon DSLRs, drones and GoPros.

Ross also brings a reassuring level of confidence and calmness to any journey - he is qualified in the use of firearms, a Remote Area Medic, an experienced PADI DiveMaster, Swift-Water Rescue Technician, skilled climber and has also had experience of working with different Search and Rescue teams around the world.

Consulting with and operating for the highest levels of UHNWs and VIPs in over 85 countries, Ross specialises in creating and managing unique experiences in every corner of the globe; especially where they involve remote expeditions and exhilarating new challenges!